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create an iam user

I AM going to create a user name to that I will use to log into AWS and launch my EC2 instance, eventually (Did you see what I did back there with the pun?).

“We recommend that you use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)” – Amazon EC2 IAM User

Per Amazon documentation, Just this one time, Kay, I will let you login using your root account to the IAM Console…(Note: There are a few tasks that do require root)

moworld create an iam user Fig. 1
And Log in with root.

At this point, you are already 1/5 of way toward basic security compliance as AWS will go ahead and get you started by Deleting your root access keys before you even log in. (We will set up a new Key Pair in the next step)

Click on Users in the navigation panel.
moworld create an iam user Fig. 2
Click Add user. The AWS Documentation recommends creating a user called Administrator.

Iff they are the same type of user, you can create multiple users at the same time.

Enter a User name, and Select the Access type. The admin user will require console access, so Check AWS Management Console access.moworld create an iam user Fig. 3

Since I AM the administrator, I will go ahead and Choose Custom password, enter my password and Uncheck the Require password reset option (Not sure if you noticed, but I did it again, right there).


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